Asmita Banerjee was born in Kolkata, India. She spent her first years in Lagos, Nigeria, and lives in Vienna since 1976.

After several study visits to Shantiniketan, West Bengal (India), for learing classical Manipuri style dance, with Sir Jatindra Singh and learning the basics of ballet in Vienna, she decided to concentrate on Bharata Natyam completely and startet her studies with Radha Anjali in 1996. Asmita Banerjee is member of the Natya Mandir Dance Company since 1998. For further studies in Bharata Natyam sie undertook several study visits to the Bharata Choodamani Academy in Chennai, India with Adyar K. Lakshman. Apart from that she took part in workshops with Kalanidhi Narayanan and Shashadar Acharya for Seraikella Chhau. In 2002 Asmita Banerjee did her Arangetram (Solo-Debut, finalizing the basic course of Bharata Natyam) in Vienna at the Interkulttheater, and since then she has been performing in Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Cech Republic, Italy, Germany, South Korea and India.

Asmita Banerjee is also working as a molecular biologist and chemist at the Ludwig Boltzmann Insititute in Vienna.

Choreographies: Mudra 2004 (The Next Step), Laya Gati 2004 (Comin & Goin), Megh 2005 (Comin & Goin)

Asmita Banerjee